Cycling Age

Adrian Age Oliver

The founder of CyclingAge, Adrian (“Age”) Oliver, began this journey when he got his rusty bike out of his shed where it had lain unloved – apart from the annual outing to the Faversham Charity Bike Ride – for years and he began cycling instead of jumping in the car for every trip.

Initially it was about middle age spread. But then it began to dawn on Age that this cycling stuff could be life and world changing. Age was feeling better. Middle age spread was abated. He was fitter. He was saving a fortune in fuel. He was seeing more people and more of the world around him. He was reducing his carbon footprint. He was happy!

Then Age and his youngest daughter began regularly commuting to school. After a couple of years of doing this he noticed something. There weren’t very many other people regularly cycling. In fact, you could probably count them on one hand.

Age started researching and learning about cycling. He read everything and anything on cycling. He talked to all manner of cycling organisations and cycling champions. He trained with Cycle Training UK to become a Cycling Instructor.

Age became CyclingAge, sharing his knowledge and passion, teaching and promoting cycling to anyone interested, of any age, of any ability, especially all those people with unloved bikes rusting away in their sheds.

CyclingAge has now become more than Age. It is now a Community Interest Company with a growing band of like minded people all dedicated to getting more people on bikes and having fun.